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The Profile XT™

The Profile XT™ is a "Total person" assessment that has a myriad of uses.

It measures the job-related qualities that make a person productive - Thinking and Reasoning Style, Behavioral Traits, and Occupational Interests. It is convenient and easy to use on the Internet - no administrator or proctoring is required.
The Profile XT is used for placement, promotion, self-improvement, coaching, succession planning, and job description development. Our clients tell us The Profile XT is three to five times more effective than any other assessment they have used. It is a versatile management tool that develops Job Match Patterns that can be customized by company, department, manager, position, geography, or any combination of these factors.

Job Match Patterns Make the Difference

Job Match Patterns are effective because they compare the qualities of your job candidates to the attributes of your most productive employees. The patterns tell you whether candidates are like or different from your top performers. A study published in the Harvard Business Review concluded that Job Match more accurately predicts job success than any of the commonly accepted factors, such as education, experience, or job training. Matching people so they fit the work they do builds productivity and job-satisfaction and diminish negative factors such as stress, tension, conflict, miscommunication, and costly employee turnover.

Several Valuable Reports
The Profile XT produces these informative reports:
  • Individual Reports - An Individual Report is used for personal growth and development. It describes a person’s attributes and gives insights to improve job performance and productivity.
  • Placement Reports - A Placement Report is used to put the right person in the right job. It gives employers assessments of job candidates’ thinking style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests, giving the candidate’s percentage match to the company’s top performers. The report also suggests questions interviewers can ask to help determine a candidate’s suitability for the position being filled.
  • Succession Planning Report - The Succession Planning Report lets you look into the future. It compares a person to all of the jobs in your company and indicates those where they have a good job match. With this information, you can help employees prepare for greater responsibilities by making sure they acquire the skills and experiences they will need in order to perform competently the jobs they will fill in coming years.
  • Candidate Matching Report - The Candidate Matching Report is helpful for narrowing your search as you seek to fill a position. It compares the attributes of several candidates to your Job Match Pattern and, at a glance, shows you which of them have the highest Job Match Percentage. Then, by closer examination of the top candidates’ Placement Reports, you can easily determine which of them you want to interview and graduate to the next steps in your hiring process.
  • Coaching Reports - Coaching reports are a manager’s guide to helping the people they manage develop better work habits. The report has suggestions for improving employee performance so it approaches the productivity of the company’s top performers. Using the reports to direct the development of employees enables managers to develop their leadership abilities.
  • Job Analysis Reports - The Job Analysis Report describes in great detail, the type of person who has the right qualities and characteristics to fit a particular job. This report complements a standard job description that details the skills and duties the job requires. Used together, they contain a Total person approach to explaining the requirements of a particular position.
  • Summary Reports - They give you a "snapshot" of essential information about employees and job candidates.
  • Graph Reports - A visual representation of Job Match data.
Easy to Use

The Profile XT is conveniently administered on the Internet, so you can assess employees and job candidates anywhere there is Internet access. Other administration options are available on request. Results are available immediately and can be shared with decision makers in any of your company's offices, anywhere in the world. You can retrieve any or all of the variety of Profile XT reports at no additional cost. Results are immediate thanks to computer technology and you get your requested reports in minutes.

Use with Complete Confidence

The Profile XT satisfies all requirements of the EEOC, the ADA, the DOL, and the Civil Rights Act. It was designed and developed to be specifically job-related and has been validated in accordance with American Psychological Association standards. The Profile XT is validated to be Age-blind, Gender-blind, and Ethnicity-blind. It measures only those factors relevant to selecting the best people to fit the requirements of specific jobs.

The Profile XT is the One to Use

The Profile XT is much more than an assessment. It gives you customized Job Match patterns, suggests relevant interview questions, yields a percentage match when comparing a candidate to your top performers, provides a detailed positive analysis of the individuals you assess, and can provide thousands of "experienced" Job Match Patterns for use in developing your own patterns.

The Profile XT is the assessment to use for a thorough analysis of people, job responsibilities, and Job Match. It is an extremely valuable management tool that will help you build a stronger, more productive organization and reach your important goals because you are putting the best people in the best jobs.

More Information?

Sample Reports
Sample JAR

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"The Profile Assessment has enabled our company to benchmark the performance standards in our sales executives so that we can strive to hire the best most productive candidates in the shortest amount of time. It saves us about $45,000 each time we can avoid hiring the wrong person. In addition, the Internet application with onscreen administration, instant analysis and report generation makes administration very easy and efficient."

Howard Falkow, Director of Human Resources

" In a small company it is absolutely essential that the incoming people have the character and temperament to fit in. Public Relations is pressurized enough without having to sort out internal staff and personality clashes caused by hiring people with the wrong fit. As a small company, I would now never consider hiring anyone without first running them through the Profile."

Ronnie Simpson, Managing Director

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